Xanogen Review

Xanogen purportedly “rev[s] up your sex life” by stimulating blood flow to the penis and by boosting testosterone and libido. More specifically, Xanogen is said to target the spongy erectile tissues in the penis to enhance blood flow and storage for stronger erections.

“Serious Results,” reads one advertisement. “Keep her up late” reads another.

But does Xanogen back manufacture claims? This review covers everything you need to know about Xanogen.

How Much Is Xanogen?

Price is most often the deciding factor in whether a supplement is purchased, so I found the best deals and did some comparisons with competing supplements.

Xanogen sells for $89.95 per bottle and provides 30 servings (60 capsules). I found Xanogen for sale on third party retailers like Amazon.com. However, I saw the best prices on the official website, Xanogen.com. The company offers deals on multiple bottle purchases.

• 2 bottles retail for $169.95 (save $9.95)

• 3 bottles retail for $244.95 (save $24.90)

• 4 bottles retail for $315.95 (save $43.85)
1 free V Cream bottle

• 5 bottles retail for $419.95 (save $119.75)
1 free Xanogen bottle +1 V Cream bottle + Quantum Pills

V Cream is a female orgasm enhancer that retails for roughly $44.95 per container on the official website, and Quantum Pills is a supplement formulated to enhance ejaculation, retailing for $44.95 per bottle.

Xanogen’s price per serving is pretty steep compared to some of its competitors. Male enhancement supplements like King Nutrition Pro-V Male Performance (28 servings) and Magna RX (60 servings) on GNC.com sell for $59.95 and $29.99, respectively.

If you already spend money on male enhancement supplements, purchasing Xanogen may not be as big of a deal. However, you may find cheaper male enhancement supplements with similar ingredients through other retailers.

Are the Ingredients Worth It?

Ingredient amounts in Xanogen are not listed. This is a downside for those who like full disclosure when it comes to ingredient profiles.

Xanogen contains several ingredients, so I highlighted a few main ones.

Cnidium Monnier contains an active compound called osthole. Osthole’s effects on relaxing erectile tissues are promising. However, the supporting evidence I found is limited to animal studies.

An in vitro animal study analyzed osthole’s benefits on the corpus cavernosum. Osthole was said to have relaxant effects on the tissues in a dose-dependent manner. [1]

Osthole was also shown to increase testosterone and luteinizing hormone in male castrated rats over a 20-day period. [2]

Tribulus Terrestris is a Mediterranean plant used to improve sexual issues. In addition to its testosterone-boosting implications, [3] it is shown to influence erection quality.

In an organ bath, tribulus terrestris “induced concentration-dependent relaxation of the CC [corpus cavernosum].” However, I was unable to find a clinically-effective dose used for relaxing the erectile tissue. [4]

Maca has been shown to influence sexual desire independent of testosterone levels when administered in 1,500 and 3,000 mg doses. [5]

Muira Puama influences erection quality although its effects aren’t too promising.

Researchers tried to prove muira puama was more effective in treating impotence than another ingredient, yohimbine. But, one health professional says the study shows “nothing at all” because the testing protocols were not permissive from a scientific perspective. [6]

Catuaba Bark is thought to improve sexual function, but evidence supporting its sexual-boosting benefits is insufficient. [7] [8]

What Is the Best Way to Use Xanogen?

The company recommends taking 2 capsules Xanogen per day. Most men take Xanogen with a meal to avoid an upset stomach. The official website says users should never exceed 4 capsules in 24 hours.

Also, Xanogen.com says Xanogen doesn’t cause any side effects when taken as directed.

Users may decide to assess tolerance in the beginning by taking only 1 capsule. If received favorably, increase to 2 capsules per serving.

Is Xanogen Guaranteed?

Xanogen is backed with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with Xanogen’s performance, send the bottle back within 60 days from the purchase date to receive a refund.

To start on the refund process, request a return order form from the official website.

The guarantee is limited to products purchased from the company website. If you re-ordered the product, no refunds will be considered.

Is There a Free Trial?

I saw several websites and reviews mention a risk-free 15-day trial. There is not mention of this on the official website. Whether the manufactures currently offer this free trial is unknown.

However, the terms and conditions of a free trial are on OrderXanogen.com. If users opt for a risk-free trial and do not cancel their trial after 15 days, they will be charged $79.95 per bottle every 30 days. If users wish to cancel, they need to contact 1-800-528-6565.

Are Users Happy?

There are several Xanogen reviews on Amazon.com, where it received a 3.7 out of 5 star rating.

Todor Boyadzhiev thought Xanogen was a scam but bought it anyways. He is happy he did because it worked for him. However, he doesn’t go into detail about the benefits.

Bill tried the free trial Xanogen offer a while ago and thought the product was “okay.” He was unaware the free-trial led to auto-shipments if the trial wasn’t canceled, so he was charged unexpectedly for a new shipment when the trial expired. “Stay far, far away from this company!” he urges.

Daniel Dennis says Xanogen worked better than a competing male enhancement, Enzyte. “My sex drive is through the roof and my wife was wondering what got in to me when I first started taking it.”

Is Xanogen A Good Product?

Xanogen seems an effective product for boosting sex drive and ameliorating erectile function. However, if you are looking for a cheap male enhancement product, Xanogen is not for you.

Except for the negative review about an auto-shipment program, the user reviews are generally positive and support Xanogen’s efficacy.

If you are interested in Xanogen, I suggest purchasing through the official website for the money-back guarantee and the multiple bottle deals.


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