Excitol Review

excitol-160 Designed for men looking to maximize sexual performance, Excitol, a natural-male enhancer, is quickly gaining popularity.

Said to significantly improve erections and libido for up to 24 hours, Excitol is, well, getting a lot of people excited.

What’s In Excitol?

In addition to ingredients included to boost physical stamina, Excitol’s formula contains a 125 mg blend specifically designed to promote better erections and stronger libido.

Excitol Proprietary Blend (125 mg)

Prostate glandular comes from bovines and is used in many supplements to promote testosterone levels and sexual performance. I wasn’t able to find any clinical studies showing prostate glandular’s effectiveness as a male sexual enhancer.

Pygeum africanum (bark) is another popular ingredient for raising libido.[1]

However, while clinical research shows pygreum africanum can treat various prostate conditions, I could not find evidence showing it affects libido or sexual performance.[2]

Licorice (root) has many health benefits but its inclusion in a male enhancement product is surprising. Licorice root has been shown to lower libido and sexual performance, as well as testosterone.[3][4]

Korean ginseng (root) is clinically proven to improve erectile function.[5] For example, one study involving 45 volunteers, shows 2700 mg Korean ginseng daily for 8 weeks caused significant improvements in erection and sexual performance.[6]

Excitol provides significantly less Korean ginseng than the amounts used in the studies.

Oyster is rich in zinc which promotes greater testosterone production.[7] Higher testosterone rates generally result in greater libido and better sexual performance.

Stinging nettle, also known as urtica dioica, is used in many male enhancements. However, its effectiveness is debatable.

Some clinical research shows the ingredient promotes higher testosterone levels, and in effect sexual performance, by inhibiting the sex hormone binding globulin from binding and converting testosterone.[8]

However, another large, clinical trial involving 580 men found stinging nettle does not alter testosterone levels.[9]

Do These Ingredients Cause Side Effects?

Pygeum is known to cause nausea and abdominal pain.[10]

Additionally, licorice raises blood pressure and can cause weakness.[11]

It should be noted that male enhancers generally raise blood pressure and shouldn’t be taken by men taking blood pressure medication.

How To Take Excitol

Take 2 capsules with water approximately 30 minutes before sexual activity.

Purchasing Excitol

Excitol can be purchased online directly from the manufacturer at Excitol.com.

One 30-capsule bottle sells for $40. If you buy two or more bottles, the company gives an extra, free bottle.

Is Excitol Worth Getting?

While many of Excitol’s ingredients appear effective in boosting libido and enhancing sexual performance, the effectiveness of the total formula is debatable. For example, one of Excitol’s ingredients actually lowers libido, running counteractive to the purpose of the product.

I also would like to see more user reviews on a male enhancer before trying it out.

But in all, there is a lot to like about Excitol and I suggest trying it out for men looking to improve their performance.


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