Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced Review

Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced

If you’re looking to enlarge your penis size and want to find a male enhancement product that is doctor recommended, look no further than Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced.

This “Doctor Approved, Advanced Formula,” promises to increase your penis and erection size in just 9 weeks, ensuring that your sexual performance will hit levels neither you nor your partner has ever seen before.

In this review, we’ll try to determine whether or not this is really the case.

The Claims

As we noted above, Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced promises to enhance your sexual performance and penis size in just 9 weeks. On top of these claims, it also promises to:

Increase your volume of semen,
Decrease the rate of premature ejaculations,
Increase the intensity of your orgasms,
Firm and tone your penis,
Increase your sexual desire,
And increase your energy and stamina levels.

Basically, if this male enhancement pill really does what it promises to do, you’re going to be loving sex for a long, long time.

Here is a breakdown of the 9-week change as well:

Weeks 1-4 – In just a few weeks, users should see a change in the width of their penis and also enjoy longer lasting erections.
Weeks 4-8 – With a few months, the length of the penis should increase. Along with length, there should be a noticeable change in the thickness of your penis too.
Weeks 9+ – Finally, by week 9, your penis should be much firmer and stronger than it was before you started taking Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced.

The question is, do these claims actually hold true or are they just there to entice users into buying the product?

Perhaps we can take a look at the ingredients contained in Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced’s blend in order to find an answer.

Its Blend

Alas, the only information we could find online about the ingredients contained in Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced, was that they were both all-natural and herbal-only ingredients.

Not really much to go off of, huh?

Without a detailed list of ingredients to comb over, it’s impossible to determine the effectiveness of Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced.

In terms of its safety, if this product does indeed only contain all-natural ingredients, then yes, it would be safe to use.

But again, we can’t just someone else’s word that there aren’t any stimulants or artificial substances contained in Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced’s

Other Bits and Pieces

In terms of recommended use, users of this male enhancement product are advised to take one tablet, two times daily. Also, Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced does claim to cure Erectile Dysfunction.

Lastly, each purchase or bottle of Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced includes 120 tablets that should last up to 2 months with proper use.


In conclusion, well, we can’t really make any concrete claims without knowing more about what’s contained in Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced’s blend.

We can say this much…this product is definitely unproven and a high-risk option for anyone trying to increase their sexual performance and/or cure themselves of ED.

On top of that, the company that makes this supplement also specializes in sex toys and penis pumps, which definitely has us worrying about its credibility.

If we were you, we would pass on Dr. Bross Pro Plus Advanced for now.

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